Stock Photos

There is a great emphasis now on authenticity when it comes to your website (and really…your whole online presence). That involves wording, your mission or message and even your photos. Using stock photos should be your last resort when it comes to your website. Opt for more authentic photos that go with your brand. Authentic (actual) pictures have been proven to have more visitor engagement on your website; visitors stay longer and interact more.

Website visitors are more interested in viewing real photos. Perfectly staged photos no longer appeal to the website visitor. You can do them yourself or have a professional take them. Often, you will see the same stock photo over and over, which isn’t good for your business. Potential customers want to know who you are and why they should choose you over someone else. So show them!

You can’t just use any photo. They must be high quality photos with a high resolution. Many newer phones can take quality pictures. If you don’t have one, then you could invest in a camera that takes quality photos. Your customers and clients want to see who they will be working with, your team, your products, the place where you will be performing your services. The best thing to do is to give them an adequate representation of the in-person experience. Staying true to your brand is the best choice. (That’s the reputation you choose for yourself and your business.)

There may be times that using stock photos are necessary, especially if you are a new company. You should be making an effort to replace them when possible with original photos that will appeal to your target audience. Always stay in contact with your web designer. If you do the website yourself, make sure to update photos. Like I said, it’s not just done once and that’s it! Fresh content and interesting photos keep people coming back.

It’s definitely best to avoid those tempting stock photos. Instead, budget more time and money to give your online presence more fresh and original visual content. Your website and social media will catch the attention of people looking for what you offer and you will likely see better results.

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