About Our Valued Customers

Our customers are busy runnning their businesses. They aren’t busy being technology professionals, but we are. TMP Media Group is a reliable force that supports our business owners when they need technology solutions. From websites and updates to virtual assistant services, we are the experts business owners rely on.

So many times owners and employees spend time being frustrated by technology. We assist you and your employees in using it efficiently and to increase your bottom line. Call TMP Media Group to reliably support your business technology needs.

TMP Websites

In today’s digital age, potential customers shopping for products and services are more likely to do an online search than they are to flip open the phone book. Businesses that can be found online can attract new customers more easily than those that rely on curb appeal and print advertisement. A business website is an important part of a strong online presence. When you are without a website, you are leaving customers to find someone else. Even if your business was built by word of mouth, you are leaving dollars on the table if you don’t give people who use the internet exclusively access to your information, services and expertise.

TMP Website Updates

Do you need information updated on your website? Let us handle it! Website updates are billed at an hourly rate for the first hour and every quarter hour for every hour after that. Even when you’re busy, you have us to keep your website up-to-date for your customers!

TMP Expert Training

Need help using your WordPress site? We are the experts! Call us for our consulting and technology coaching services, which are done completely online (in person if you prefer). Don’t just be frustrated. Let us assist you in using your business investment. One great thing…we can train you on many of the online software you may use so using it is cost efficient! Need to Mailchimp, Constant Contact or Canva? Just ask! We have more than 20 years of experience in computer training.

TMP Virtual Assistant Services

From data entry to research, we are here for you. Our virtual assistant services can be purchased by the hour or in money-saving packages. When you need quality help for your business, contact us.

Call us and talk to us (570) 352 3048.